Compensation at UC Davis work to develop programs, policies, and services that meet the unique needs of our staff, faculty, and supervisors.

A commitment to transparency and accountability.

Whether it’s in education, health, research, or administration, UC Davis values its number one resource — you. The Compensation department strives to develop wage and classification programs that attract, motivate, and retain the best qualified employees.

We work hard to manage a robust classification system as well as an innovative wage and salary program by collaborating with key units in Davis and Sacramento. We provide the university with a wide range of services that will enable leaders to hire, recognize, and reward employee excellence. Our goals are to:

  • Classify occupied and vacant staff positions.

  • Develop and analyze labor market salary data.

  • Establish wage rates and salary ranges for staff classifications.

  • Review and approve stipends and equity adjustments.

  • Serve as office of record for position descriptions.

  • Provide consultation and training for managers, supervisors and staff.