WorkLife hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year focused on on your well-being and better integrating your work and life.

We are happy to provide opportunities including support groups, classes, recognitions, activities and more. Many faculty and staff look forward to our annual “Take our Children to Work Day”, a day for employees to bring their children to the workplace. We also highlight other national observances as an opportunity to provide support and resources. These activities and events are all designed to encourage your personal and professional wellness, and to optimize your work-life integration. 

Upcoming Virtual WorkLife Events:

Taking Care of Yourself; practicing self-care during times when feeling less motivated. 

Join us for a group discussion on self-care strategies for improving motivation, slashing stress and enhancing overall wellness.

  • Thursday, December 10, 12:00-1:00pm
  • Presented by Marina Podoreanu LCSW, Behavioral Health Counselor with ASAP/Health
  • Zoom Interactive Webinar: Register HERE

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