Career Tracks

Career Tracks is a classification system for non-represented staff positions that was implemented across the UC system, including the UC Davis campus and UC Davis Health.

Since its launch in December 2017, it has served to accurately list job descriptions, align them with the competitive market and assign the same classification to comparable positions at all locations. The goal was for employees and managers to have a greater understanding of their roles and the steps needed for career development.

Career Tracks supported UC Davis and UC Davis Health by:

  • Standardizing job classification levels, job descriptions, and positions.
  • Explaining the similarities and differences among specialties and levels.
  • Easily identifying specific types of positions across both campuses.
  • Providing development paths through matrices that show progression of levels.
  • Comparing specific titles to the labor market when matching jobs to survey data.

UC Davis is the first location to map both a campus and health system at the same time. There are approximately 6,000 non-represented positions between the campus and Health System that will be mapped into the Career Tracks job titles.

Career Tracks Structure

The Career Tracks Structure consists of Families, Functions, Categories and Levels. The overview document below depicts the relationship between all four, with much more detail available in the subsequent links. 

Families, Functions, Categories and Levels 

  • Career Tracks Standards describe the scope, key responsibilities, knowledge and skills requirements for nearly all jobs at UC Davis. As new categories are developed, they will be added. 
    • Job Summaries describe functions within all Career Tracks job families.
    • Categories and Levels (PDF) describe professional, supervisory and management categories, and their respective levels 

Project Timeline

The project timeline called for all eligible positions to be mapped into Career Tracks titles by December 2017:

vector image of the uc davis career tracks timeline