Workforce Management Program - UC Davis Health

All hiring requests at UC Davis Health are reviewed by the Workforce Management Committee. 


Workforce management applies to all staff positions at UC Davis Health. This includes all departments, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, physicians and staff.

All position types included,
with any status: 
  • Career (part-time or full-time)
  • Per diem
  • Temporary/TES (Temporary Employment Services)
  • Short term/limited
  • Contract - temporary staffing, consulting or professional services
All position actions included,
not limited to:
  • Reappointment
  • Extensions
  • Waiver of recruitment (net new FTE)
  • Internal recruitments (net new FTE)
  • Retiree hire

Out of Scope
  • Faculty, MSP Physician, and APP hires* will go through separate department, medical group, Dean’s Office, and Programmatic Support Committee reviews.

Workforce Management Process

A department will follow this process after determining it is necessary to fill a vacant position:

  1. Workforce Request Form for either SOM/SON or Medical Center is completed by Hiring Manager, job description is attached, organizational chart is attached.
  2. Workforce Request Form is auto-routed for approvals through the Smartsheet tool. 
  3. Executive Director (or designee) is notified of Workforce Management Committee decision:
    • Request is Approved
      Hiring manager initiates appropriate action through regular channels
    • Request is Denied
      Hiring manager may amend and resubmit request for reconsideration. Process restarts at Step 1.
    • Failed Recruitment (unable to select a candidate)
      If the department wishes to re-post or re-advertise a position, this will require the request to be re-submitted through the approval process. 
  • Review Entire Process
  • Screengrab of process, Caption contains details of process.

Support and Job Aids


Workforce Review Committees

The role of the Workforce Review Committee is to assess vacancy requests in alignment with the purposes and the principles of the workforce management guidelines.

Members of the Workforce Review Committees will represent UC Davis Health as a whole, have both a broad and an in-depth understanding of the organization, and will be balanced, thoughtful and objective in their duties.

Both committees will meet weekly on Tuesdays to review all requests submitted by 12 p.m. noon the previous Friday, and make determinations.

  • Committee Members:
  • Michael Condrin, Interim Chief Operating Officer (Voting member)
    Noel Sousa, Interim Chief Financial Officer (Voting member)
    Amy Murphy, Interim Executive Director for Human Resources at Health, (Chair – Voting member)
    Larisa Kure, Executive Asst. Dean Administration & Finance, School of Medicine (Voting member – SOM Staff Positions)
    Lyndon Huling, Executive Director, Talent Acquisition and Compensation Services (Ad-Hoc member)
    Syerra Logan, Talent Acquisition Supervisor (Facilitator)

    WRC members for Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, School of Medicine, School of Nursing:
    Dr. Debbie Aizenberg, Executive Director, UC Davis Medical Group (Voting Member)
    Dr. Joe Galante, Interim Chief Medical Officer (Voting Member)
    Dr. Susan Murin, Interim Dean School of Medicine (Voting Member)
    Christi Delemos, Director, Advanced Practice (Voting Member)
    Aaron Wright, Director, Ambulatory Advanced Practice (Voting Member)

Workforce Request Evaluation Criteria

Requests will be sorted into two categories and evaluated on the criteria shown:

  • Clinical
    • Productivity
    • Staffing ratios / span of control
    • Necessity / impact of deferred hire
  • Non-clinical
    • Funding source
    • Staffing ratios / span of control
    • Necessity / impact of deferred hire


About Workforce Management at UC Davis Health

Workforce management supports responsible financial stewardship and strategic human resources planning. Workforce management is the process of reviewing each vacancy in consideration of organizational need.


  1. All position actions are subject to the workforce management process
  2. The Workforce Management Committee will assess vacancy requests
  3. Position requests will be assessed in alignment with organizational need
  4. Departments have the opportunity to request reconsideration of a decision