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Open Enrollment Highlights & Changes

UC will offer the same medical and non-medical plans in 2024. 

With significant increases in medical plan costs — despite UC covering a larger share of premiums — it’s more important than ever to make sure you understand your options and costs.

You must enroll or re-enroll in your Health and/or Dependent Care FSA each year.

1.  Changes to medical benefits are minor, apart from a few enhanced benefits across all of UC’s employee plans:

  • FDA-approved over-the-counter contraceptive drugs and devices will have $0 cost-share (after the deductible, for UC Health Savings Plan and CORE) and no prescription requirement.
  • Male sterilization (vasectomy services) will have $0 cost-share (after the deductible, for UC Health Savings Plan and CORE), if obtained in-network.


2.  UC continues to pay the full cost of dental and vision coverage for employees and their eligible dependents.

  • Employee vision plan coverage for contact lenses will change from a combined maximum benefit of $160 for lenses and exam to a maximum benefit of $160 for lenses, with the exam covered separately with a copay of up to $60.

3.  UC’s accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity plan premiums aren't changing, but there are a few changes in benefits, including:

  • Accident — Benefits are increasing for hospital admittance, ground transportation, medical appliances and more.
  • Critical illness
    • Pre-existing cancer diagnosis limitations will be removed.
    • New infectious disease coverage (including for meningitis, lupus and Lyme’s disease) and wellness benefits will be added.
  • Hospital indemnity — Mammography benefits are paused pending DOI approval; benefits for hospital admission and more are increasing.


4.  There are no changes to premium costs or benefits for legal, disability, life or AD&D insurance.

Open Enrollment Booklets

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