Exit Surveys of UC Davis Staff

When an employee leaves UC Davis, we want to know why. What was the employee’s experience like while here? Would they consider returning?

Beginning in August 2020, HR will conduct exit surveys of all staff employees (academics and students excluded) who leave UC Davis Health or the Davis Campus. Departing employees will be emailed an invitation (and reminder) with a link to the online exit survey.

Last year, 2,200+ staff separated from UC Davis, with roughly 450 of those heading to well-earned retirements.

“We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice, yet hundreds of staff are choosing work opportunities elsewhere,” remarked Christine Lovely, Chief Human Resources Officer. “I know the information we collect will be valuable as we develop programs that help advance a culture that values the contributions and aspirations of all staff.”

Some of the survey questions that separating staff will be asked include:

  • Did your manager take action to enhance your engagement while you were employed and to retain you prior to leaving?
  • How likely is it that you would recommend University of California to a friend or colleague as a great place to work?

Completely Confidential & Valuable
The survey is being administered for UC campuses by a third-party company Gartner, which guarantees complete confidentiality for the participant. “The surveying of departing staff is a valuable tool to learn more about employees’ experiences,” commented Steve Chilcott, Workforce Strategies Executive Director. “Next year, we will have enough surveys completed to start to gain insights, which HR will share to improve our workplace.”