Filing a Disability Claim

The University of California Disability Insurance Plans are designed to protect you from lost wages during a period of Total or Partial Disability.

Claim Instructions: 

If you are going on a disability related leave, there are many publications and resources available to you that discuss the impact of your leave on your health and welfare benefits, retirement, and other important areas for you to consider:

In addition to the above publications, there are publications that address employee concerns when on a specific type of disability:

Maternity Disability If you are pregnant, the following may help you to understand your options:

Partial Disability Partial Disability is defined as an injury or illness which prevents you from performing all of the substantial and material duties of your position, or prevents you from working at least 80% of your normal work schedule, even if you can perform all of your duties. Lincoln Financial Group supplements your part-time salary with disability benefits based on your lost earnings.

State Disability Insurance

UC does not participate in the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) program. If you are a new UC employee and become disabled, you may have SDI coverage through a former employer. Any SDI income you are eligible to receive based on past employment will be deducted from you disability benefits payable under the UC's disability plans.

You will need to file an SDI claim if you have worked for UC for less than 18 months, even if you have not contributed to SDI, as Lincoln Financial Group will request the determination letter from the state Employment Development Department (EDD) of any eligible benefits.

Visit the California EDD webpage for more information about SDI or to download the claim form.

Actions to Take During the Disability Leave