Creating Inclusion and Safe Spaces

The need to connect at work is powerful and leaders can create safe and inclusive spaces.

Life is complex and given the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work, mental health challenges, racial inequity, social injustice, and generally high levels of uncertainty - the need to connect at work is magnified more than ever.

The ability of managers to create a safe space for conversations impacting their team's work and professional lives has become a new leadership competency.

Recorded Presentations & Guides

  • Leader’s Guide to Talking about Race at Work - The New Normal
  • Leader’s Guide to Talking about Race at Work- The New Normal
    This interactive and informative session explored engagement, team agreements, micro-aggressions, and how to use the Crucial Conversations framework to engage in true dialogues, even when faced with tough conversations.

    >>  Watch recorded presentation from Apr. 22, 2021
    >>  Download toolkit, "Talking about Race at Work - The New Normal"
  • Leadership Coaching Skills - The Coaching Model
  • Leadership Coaching Skills

    As a leader, the ability to listen, understand, and ask powerful questions is invaluable. In this interactive session, participants will learn two foundational skills to begin to create inclusive spaces.

    >>  Watch recorded presentation from May 19, 2021
    >>  Download toolkit, "Leadership Coaching Skills - The Coaching Model"

  • Belonging- The New Target for Creating Inclusive Work Environments
  • Belonging- The New Target for Creating Inclusive Work Environments

    Diversity provides the potential for greater innovation, creativity and less group think in the workplace. Inclusion opens the door to the opportunity. It is the sense of belonging that enables organizations to realize the business benefits of this potential.

    “Diversity is being invited to the dance, inclusion is being asked to dance, belonging is participating in the music selection.” – Unknown

    >>  Watch recorded presentation from June 23, 2021
    >> Download toolkit, "Belonging- Creating Inclusive Work Environments"

  • Leadership - Creating Open Dialogue and Discovery
  • Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel SEEN, HEARD and VALUED; when they can give and receive WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.  --  Brené Brown

    >>  Watch recorded presentation from July 21, 2021
    >> Download slides from July 21, 2021


"I have attended two of your workshops in the last few weeks and I want to thank you and commend you for your incredible work.  You are making such a difference and promoting such important conversation in our campus community.  I am deeply grateful to you for sharing yourselves with all of us!  I learn so much from you, particularly from your facilitative styles that really bring out the best in everyone.  It is inspiring to see your leadership in action."


"I have attended a few of the DEI webinars that have been offered over the past year and I just wanted to thank both of you. I love that the university offers these webinars as a resource. They've helped me grow in my journey of learning more about DEI and the steps I can take to be better and create a more equitable and welcoming workspace for my student employees.  Thank you for creating a space for people to learn and be part of the solution."


Presenters from Organizational Excellence

Gayle smiling at camera, arms crossed.

Gayle is a recognized leader in consulting and developing leaders in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging throughout UC Davis and beyond.

Gayle brings 30 years of successful leadership experience across five business sectors to her current position as an Executive Leadership Coach and Senior Organizational Development Consultant.

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Vicky smiling at camera.

Vicky Tibbs aims to bring authenticity and fulfilment into the workplace, looking forward at possibilities. Bringing the experience of her 16-year tenure at UC Davis Health, she enthusiastically partners with clients in strategic planning, team building, change management, increasing employee engagement, and other organizational effectiveness projects.

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