ELR Unit Assignments: Davis

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Employee & Labor Relations at UC Davis Campus

General ELR Contact 

Employee & Labor Relations Team

 Julia Johnson 
 (530) 574-7614

Katie Hockerson
Labor Relations Manager
(530) 304-9197


Kim Maslaniak
Employee Relations Manager
(530) 754-0177

Rob Starkey
Behavioral Intervention Team Consultant 
(530) 754-2558

Rebecca Delevati
ELR Coordinator 
(530) 752-6991  |  redelevati@ucdavis.edu

Pam Fiorini
ELR Coordinator
(530) 752-4915  |  pafiorini@ucdavis.edu

Rebecca Hernandez
Collective Bargaining Specialist
(530) 752-6664  |  rnhernandez@ucdavis.edu 

Jiwon Kim

Legal Fellow
(530) 754-2557 | jwjkim@ucdavis.edu


Employee & Labor Relations Consultants

Contact the Consultant assigned to your college or department. For a full department listing click here

Employee Relations

Labor Relations 


Kim Maslaniak
Employee Relations Manager
(530) 754-0177
Shaikha Shahtaj
Labor Relations Consultant
(530) 601-8530

CA National Primate Research Center
Finance, Operations & Administration (FOA)
Graduate Studies
Office of Research
Office of the Chancellor and Provost (OCP)


Julie Thue
Employee Relations Consultant
(530) 752-1771

Natasha Costa
Labor Relations Consultant 
(530) 304-4744

College of Biological Sciences
College of Engineering
College of Letters & Science
Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA)
Office of Dev. & Alumni Relations 
School of Education 
Shields Library
Student Affairs

Viviana Castellanos
Employee Relations Consultant
(530) 304-4738

Jacob Alonzo
Labor Relations Consultant 
(530) 574-8256

CA Animal Health & Food Safety (CAHFS)
College of Ag & Environmental Sciences
Continuing and Professional Education 
Graduate School of Management 
Information & Educational Technology (IET) 
School of Law & Law Library 

School of Veterinary Medicine