How to Implement a Layoff or Reduction in Time

There are several steps to complete when implementing a layoff. This checklist provides a quick reference to assist supervisors with the layoff process. 

To the extent this checklist varies from the appropriate layoff policy or collective bargaining agreement terms and conditions, the policy or collective bargaining agreement shall control. Nothing in this checklist shall act to add any additional steps, requirements, or University obligations to the layoff process beyond those described in the appropriate layoff policy or collective bargaining agreement.

After completing the steps listed in How to Initiate a Layoff or Reduction in Time:

  1. Prepare the layoff packets.
  2. Notify affected employee(s) and union(s), if applicable.
    • Acquaint yourself with best practices for Communicating Workforce Changes and Layoffs, prepared by ASAP.
    • Meet privately with each employee when issuing a layoff notice.
    • Allow sufficient time for the employee to ask questions.
  3. Provide support.
    • Allow release time for the employee to utilize services offered throughout the layoff notice period, such as career counseling, ASAP, etc.
    • Refer the employee to the Layoff Information for Employees on the HR website.
  4. Communicate the situation to the rest of your department.
    • Meet with the rest of the staff after the layoff action to address issues such as workload and redefinition of roles, while protecting the confidentiality of the laid-off employees.
    • Provide time and/or opportunity for questions and responses.
    • Contact your Employee Relations Consultant for guidance and support.
  5. Complete the separation process. -- (tentative steps)
    • Initiate a case in AggieService for separation (you must provide an effective date).
    • Coordinate submission/approval of final timesheet in Ecotime.
    • Ensure necessary UC electronic files and emails are saved/transferred.
    • Coordinate with IT to recover any necessary UC electronic files and emails, if necessary.
    • Submit IT Ticket via ServiceNow to disable access to UC network/facilities.
    • Collect employee’s ID badge, equipment, keys and any other university property.
    • Advise employee to expect an exit survey.
    • Update your org chart/directory.

 If you have questions, please contact Employee & Labor Relations at UC Davis or UC Davis Health.