Requesting an Equity Adjustment - UC Davis

The review of equity adjustments are conducted as a focal point review on an annual basis for the campus and health system in October of each year.


  • Increases are separate and distinct from the annual merit and bonus process. Equity adjustments should not be used to circumvent the campus' merit and bonus programs. Equity requests outside of the annual process are limited and intended to address immediate employee retention actions.

  • Policy states that an employee's total salary increase in a single fiscal year shall not exceed 25 percent of base pay. Increases include all monetary awards, for example, merit, promotional, and equity increases. Exceptions to policy should be directed to a member of the Compensation Services Unit.


  1. Equity increases are typically requested by management within a department to correct a salary issue.

  2. The request should be initiated in the PeopleAdmin Position Management System.

  3. Use the justification field when taking this action.

  4. The request should include information regarding the reasons for the request (e.g. retention, compression); an outline of the employment and salary history of the incumbent in the department; employment and salary history of other employees in the same classification; the dollar amount of increase being requested; and labor market information if appropriate (supporting documentation can be attached to the request).

Non-Exclusively Represented Staff:

If the request is for an employee who is currently "non-exclusively represented" the request can be reviewed and approved at a campus level. Upon approval of any equity adjustment action, central HR will notify the requesting department of decision regarding the action.

Union Represented Staff:

California's Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) is the law passed by the California State Legislature which gives UC employees the right to decide whether or not they want to unionize and have collective bargaining as the sole means of determining their wages, hours and working conditions. Current contracts do not specifically address equity adjustments. As such, equity adjustment requests for represented staff should be carefully considered ensuring they do not conflict with the bargaining process, since decisions may have a broader impact on other represented positions system-wide. In addition, a NOTICE process to the union is required prior to approving and implementing equity adjustments for represented staff. For these actions, please contact a member of the Compensation Services Unit who will assist you in completing the notice to the appropriate union representative. The NOTICE process will be conducted by the Human Resources Office.