ASAP Training, Workshops and Drop-In Support | UC Davis Health

Stress is pervasive during shelter-in-place and as we cope with concerns about COVID-19

Join us to get support, social connection, and tips for coping. 

  • We are open to all UC Davis Health employees and we plan to add more support options below. Please join us! 
  • PLEASE NOTE: You may request participation by clicking on the "Registration Via Email' button below each posted event.  An ASAP team member will email you to confirm & provide you with the private meeting ID and the passcode to participate. This information should be requested on an individual basis for security reasons.

  • For any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact UCDAVIS HEALTH ASAP at (916) 734-2727


***Please contact the IT HELP DESK for any issues you may experience with requesting participation through this webpage at: (916) 734-4357, Sacramento Campus or (530) 752-1222, Davis Campus

*Future Meetings TBD. Contact ASAP if any questions.