Core Compentencies

The supervisor will rate the employee on each competency using the 5-level scale.

Core Competencies

1. Communication

  • Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills
  • Seeks input from others

2. Decision Making

  • Involves others in making decisions
  • Factors organizational goals into decisions

3. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Demonstrates respect for people and their differences
  • Understands the benefits of a diverse workforce

4. Health and Safety

  • Models and promotes safe behaviors in all work environments
  • Performance is consistent with UC health and safety standards

5. Leadership

  • Applies skills and knowledge to achieve department and organizational goals
  • Helps others perform at their best

6. Problem Solving and Innovation

  • Collaborates with others to solve problems
  • Analyzes and prioritizes situations to identify and solve problems

7. Quality Improvement

  • Understands the value of innovation and of quality improvement
  • Improves processes and practices by identifying inefficiencies and redundancies

8. Service Focus

  • Understands the importance of quality service
  • Anticipates and fulfills customers’ needs

9. Stewardship and Managing Resources

  • Uses individual and campus resources effectively and efficiently
  • Innovative in terms of resource and environmental conservation

10. Strategic Planning

  • Understands and communicates strategic goals and plans to achieve them
  • Mobilizes resources to achieve shared strategic vision and goals

11. Teamwork

  • Builds productive working relationships
  • Cooperates and collaborates with colleagues

12. Managing People (supervisors and managers)

  • Inspires and motivates employees to perform at their best
  • Communicates organization’s vision and team’s integral role in realizing that vision