UC Davis staff enjoying the Thank Goodness for Staff Picnic with Gunrock.
UC Davis staff and Gunrock enjoying the Thank Goodness for Staff Picnic on May 11, 2022.

Salary Increase Program for Non-Represented Staff

UC President Michael Drake just announced a General Salary Increase Program for policy-covered (non-represented) staff for FY 2022-23.

We are so very pleased to have this opportunity to recognize our policy-covered staff for their dedicated service to UC Davis and UC Davis Health this past year.

  • All eligible, policy-covered staff will receive a 4.5% increase to their base salary, effective:
    • July 1 for monthly paid employees
    • June 26 for bi-weekly paid employees

In President Drake’s announcement, he noted that UC's salary increase program is contingent upon an allocation increase from the state for the FY23 budget. While a change to salary increases is not anticipated, if the current budget expectations are altered, we will provide an updated salary program announcement.

We welcome this General Salary Increase Program as recognition of staff contributions to UC Davis research, education and patient care, as well as improving our ability to recruit and retain a top quality, diverse workforce.

Read more about the FY2022-23 General Salary Increase Program, including:

  • Eligibility (includes performance appraisal requirement)
  • FAQs
  • Questions and support

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