Managing Flexible Work Arrangements

Supervisors and managers are empowered to make and implement decisions regarding flexible work arrangements and return to workplace plans for their department

UC Davis is committed to the health and well-being of our community and we encourage and support supervisors in thinking creatively about how to keep eligible (i.e., non-designated) staff off-site and establish strategic, safe and flexible plans for some staff to return to the workplace on a limited basis, while still ensuring physical distancing. There will not be one solution that works for everyone.

Get a clear understanding of your staff’s current schedule, coverage and the desired end date if the goal is to gradually reduce the level of flex work in your department.  Make sure you understand each employees circumstances and concerns. Not all employees must return to the physical workplace.  Managers and supervisors should determine which employees’ work dictates being in-person, which can be done better remotely, and which work needs can be met with a hybrid approach (some days remote, some days in-person).  The goal of this approach is not to fully repopulate all workspaces, but rather to ensure that all work is being completed, to the best and fullest extent possible, given the current restrictions and circumstances of COVID-19.

A Leader's Guide to Developing a Work-From-Home Strategy

  • Develop and action plan
  • Ensure open communication and dialogue
  • Establish clear expectations
  • Actively offer support to your team
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Be flexible and adjust as needed