About Learning and Organizational Development (L&OD)

How We Foster Organizational Excellence: 
The Organizational Development Umbrella

Our organizational development consultants bring diverse skills, talents and experience to facilitate individual, team and system development.

Our approaches include:  

Change Management  – Driving organizational success and outcomes

L&OD consultants utilize research-based tools and resources from Prosci® and other proven methodologies to help individuals and organizations move changes forward effectively.  L&OD supports change sponsors and project teams by: 

  • Leveraging and deploying best practices for managing change
  • Developing strategies, for timelines, sponsorship, communication, implementation and change resistance  
  • Empowering each individual’s journey through change 

Leadership Effectiveness – Helping leaders achieve maximum impact 

Leaders play a key role in the success of their organization and their teams. Our L&OD consultants bring wide-ranging experience and formal certification to assist leaders in achieving  their highest potential  through: 

  • Executive leadership coaching 
  • Culture change strategy & facilitation
  • Developmental 360 assessment & feedback
  • Conflict resolution consulting and facilitation 

Strategic Planning – From vision to mission to action development 

L&OD consultants partner with a diverse range of UCD organizations on a variety of strategic efforts, including: 

  • Vision & Mission Statement development 
  • Strategic goal development 
  • Facilitation and implementation planning 
  • Stakeholder feedback assessments, including focus groups SWOT & gap analyses  

Team Effectiveness – Together, you’ll go further 

L&OD’s organizational development consultants help teams improve effectiveness through:  

  • Climate and culture assessment and debrief
  • Conflict management 
  • Team coaching 
  • Work climate assessments
  • Retreat planning and facilitation 

Systemwide Promotion of Excellence – Taking our work a step further… 

L&OD's organizational development consultants promote campus wide coaching and other cultures that are proven effective organizational keys, through: 

  • Development of the first UC Davis Coaching Community of Practice
  • Sponsorship of UC Davis’ annual Coaching Day to promote awareness of the value of coaching in all facets of organizational life 
  • UC Path communication and training efforts at UCD