Employee Recognition Programs

We believe finding the right way to make our employees feel appreciated builds job satisfaction, employee loyalty and longevity.

We have a variety of programs available for supervisors and managers to utilize when recognizing employees who go above and beyond, and who exemplify our strategic guiding principles of compassion, teamwork, leadership, social responsibility, diversity and innovation. Our goal is to provide the tools for managers to easily and immediately recognize their employees, and to build a culture of service excellence.

Service Award Program - Aimed to recognize and appreciate significant long-term (at least 10 years of service) contributions our employees make to the University of California.

Retirement Gift Program - This UC Davis campus-specific gift is awarded eligible employees upon retirement. It is offered to recognize and express appreciation and gratitude for the employee's years of service to UC.

UC Davis Staff Appreciation and Recognition plan The purpose of the STAR Award is to recognize employees who have gone “above and beyond” in support of the campus’ core values.

Clinical Enterprise Management Recognition Plans (CEMRP) – This UC Davis Health award offers financial-recognition payments to employees whose work contributes to attaining or exceeding key objectives of the health system.

Additional UC Davis Health-specific Award Programs - Information and guidelines for both monetary and non-monetary recognition programs at UC Davis Health.