electronic Research Administration (eRA) Train the Trainer Certificate Series

Electronic Research Administration (eRA) is an integral component of the research administration process.

All proposals for review and approval by the Sponsored Programs office, as well as some others on campus, must be submitted through Cayuse SP.  Additionally, many sponsors require submission of proposals and progress reports to them via an eRA system. It is very important for a broad base of campus expertise in eRA to exist. Those completing this certificate will not only have a broad base of knowledge regarding the eRA systems used at UC Davis but will also be an invaluable resource in their units.

Required classes to complete this certificate series:

electronic Research Administration (eRA) in-person  or Electronic Research Administration (eRA) eCourse
Cayuse SP and 424: Role Management, 424 Professional Profiles and Routing
Cayuse SP: Awards and Post-Award Actions or Cayuse SP: Awards and Post-Award Actions (eCourse)
Cayuse SP and 424: Working with SPO on Subawards (outgoing/incoming)