Workplace Violence Prevention - Davis Campus

At UC Davis, aggressive behavior is not tolerated toward or from anyone, including staff members, faculty, students and non-affiliates.

To submit an incident report, please complete the PDF fillable form and submit it via email to the Davis Campus Workplace Violence Prevention Team at

Download the Workplace Violence Intake Form (PDF)

If you would rather speak to someone on the team, please send an email to the general Workplace Violence email provided above and a team member will be in contact with you.

In case of emergency, dial 9-1-1


Addressing Acts of Intimidation, Threats or Acts of Violence

Any and all acts of intimidation, threats or acts of violence will be considered serious misconduct and will be the basis of disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. These acts will be referred, when appropriate, to legal authorities.

Assurance of a safe working environment is important to everyone. It is the responsibility of all members of our community to report any occurrence of intimidation, threat or violence to the appropriate campus resource.

When to report workplace violence:

  • Physical Harm or Risk of Physical Harm
  • Hitting, punching, pushing, kicking, spitting, shoving, throwing items, grabbing, physical sexual contact, etc. 
    Attempts to hit, punch, push, kick, spit on, shove, slap, grab, swinging at, throw items, attempt sexual contact, etc.
    Entering other patients’ rooms
    Taking other patients’ items
    Entering restricted areas
    Running, jumping, climbing, etc. in common areas
    Removing items from common areas
    Throwing items on the ground, against the wall, against the window

  • Verbal Statements of Intent to Harm

  • Verbal threats
    Physical posturing

  •  Verbal Harassment

  • Discriminatory or sexually harassing statements, insults, name-calling, etc.

Policy Statement

The University of California at Davis can best perform its missions of teaching, research and public service when faculty, students and staff co-exist in a climate that supports the free exchange of ideas and utilizes constructive methods of conflict resolution.

The University of California is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is free from intimidation, bullying, threats and violent acts. Threats, bullying, intimidation and acts of violence will not be ignored, condoned or tolerated. The University defines these behaviors as follows:

Intimidation: an act towards another person, the purpose of which is to coerce, and the result of which could reasonably cause the other person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of others.

Threat of violence: a communicated intent to inflict physical or other harm on any person or property.

Act of violence: exercise of physical force against another person or property.

Bullying: offensive or malicious behavior through persistent actions typically meant to undermine, intimidate, or demean the recipient.

How to report workplace violence:

Staff who witness or are involved in a workplace violence event should report it to:

  1. Unit supervisor/manager
  2. UCDPD
  3. Submit an incident report (PDF)

Workplace Violence Prevention Team

Name Title Contact Information 
Rob Starkey Workplace Violence Prevention Team Chair 
Joanne Zekany UC Davis PD Lieutenant
Maleah Vidal Campus Counsel
Rebecca Delevati ELR Coordinator

Resources and Support 

  • Partners
  • Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) Confidential, cost free assessment, counseling, intervention, consultation and referral services for all UC Davis campus faculty, staff and their immediate families. Appointments: Please call and specify that you would like to be seen for an incident related to workplace violence.
    Employee and Labor Relations Provide direction and guidance on unions, policies agreements, and more. Ensures the correct application of policies, procedures, and laws.
    Occupational Health Assist all members of UC Davis with work-related health problems, injuries, illnesses.
    UC Davis Police Department  
    Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program Assists individuals and campus units resolve conflicts and complaints related to harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence and hate and bias.
    Center for Advocacy, Resources and Education (CARE) Confidential advocacy, support, and healing services to survivors of sexual harassment and all forms of sexual violence, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.
    Ombuds Services Confidential, independent, impartial, and informal problem-solving and conflict management resource for all members of UC Davis.