Salary Surveys

Compensation Services participates in and analyzes labor market data from purchased salary surveys as well as custom local area surveys for our campus positions.

The array of current surveys now available to Compensation Services includes:


  • Office Personnel
  • Technical and Skilled Trades
  • Supervisory/Management
  • Professional
  • Middle Management
  • Top Management

Western Management Group

  • EduComp
  • CA High Technology


  • Metropolitan Benchmark
  • Information Technology


  • Benchmark Survey
  • Biotech Survey

CUPA (College and University Personnel Association)

  • AdComp
  • Mid-Level Professional

CompData Surveys


Sullivan Cotter

Custom Local Surveys

If you have questions about our surveys please feel free to contact Compensation Services at UC Davis or UC Davis Health.  Compensation Services encourages managers to provide any additional labor market or salary survey data that they may have for staff positions.