We want to understand staff engagement and continuously improve the staff experience at work so we're surveying all staff on the Davis Campus.

Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work and find greater meaning in what they do. They also have higher levels of commitment, contribute more to the campus community and are more likely to stay at UC Davis. 

icon of a checklist Key details about the survey:

  • Survey runs Oct. 12 – Oct. 31, 2020
  • Includes represented and policy-covered staff
  • Excludes academic, temporary (TES) and student employees, and retirees.
  • Take the survey via a link on this page (coming Oct. 12) or the emailed survey invitation that will come from UC Davis and Glint.
  • $1 for each survey completed contributed to Staff Emergency Fundproviding financial assistance to staff employees in times of personal hardship.
  • Expand to view the full survey population
  • Survey includes
    >> Davis campus staff only NOT Medical Center, SOM or SON staff
    >> Career staff, limited and partial-year appts., per diem, contract employees
    >> Represented and policy-covered (non-represented) staff
    >> Probationary staff

    Not included
    >> Staff on payroll after Sept. 10 are not invited this year
    >> Excludes academic, temporary (TES) and student employees, as well as retirees

icon of a poll Survey Structure and Questions:

  • The survey will consist of 25 questions that you can complete in under 5 minutes. 
  • 23 required questions ask for sentiment on 1-5 scale with the last two questions being open-ended and optional.
Sample question from survey asking, "I would recommend UC Davis as a great place to work."
A screengrab showing the format for a typical survey question requiring a response on a 1-5 scale. 

icon of a question mark Sample Questions:

  • I feel a sense of belonging at UC Davis.
  • UC Davis has a great culture.
  • I am satisfied with my work team.
  • I have good career opportunities at UC Davis.
  • View all 25 questions
  • Required Questions (on 1-5 scale, with opportunity for open-ended comments)

    How happy are you working at UC Davis?

    I would recommend UC Davis as a great place to work.

    I feel a sense of belonging at UC Davis.

    Regardless of background, everyone at UC Davis has an equal opportunity to succeed.

    I am excited about UC Davis' future.

    UC Davis has a great culture.

    Overall, I am satisfied with how decisions are made at UC Davis.

    I have confidence in the campus leadership team (e.g., Chancellor, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts and Deans).

    UC Davis does a good job of communicating with employees.

    Departments/work units at UC Davis collaborate effectively to get things done.

    I am satisfied with my work team.

    I would recommend my direct supervisor/manager to others.

    My direct supervisor/manager provides me with feedback that helps me improve my performance.

    I feel satisfied with the recognition or praise I receive for my work.

    I feel empowered to make decisions regarding my work.

    I feel free to speak my mind without fear of negative consequences.

    I have good career opportunities at UC Davis.

    I have good opportunities to learn and grow at UC Davis.

    The work that I do at UC Davis is meaningful to me.

    My role is an excellent fit with my strengths.

    I have the resources I need to do my job well (e.g., tools, technology, support).

    I am able to successfully balance my work and personal life.

    I believe meaningful action will be taken as a result of this survey.

    Open-ended Questions

    What should we start doing (or do more of) to improve the employee experience?

    What should we stop doing (or do less of) to improve the employee experience?


confidentiality video link - click to review. It's only 2:30 long
Watch this short video on all the steps being taken to ensure your confidentiality, so you can provide candid and honest feedback. (2 min. 32 sec.)

We need your honest feedback - both negative and positive - so we're taking steps to protect your confidentiality. 

  • UC Davis won't receive any identifying information about survey participants, like your name, unless you enter it in a comment.
  • Demographic data is not provided in supervisor/manager survey results dashboards.
  • Supervisors/managers won't see results until a certain number of responses are collected.
  • Read more about confidentiality and thresholds before supervisors can view survey data
  • To promote your confidentiality, minimum response thresholds are in place:

    A minimum of 5 responses are required before a supervisor can review quantitative results for their team (i.e., direct reports). This minimum of five is based on industry best practice because lowering this number can cause significant problems with the reliability of results.

    > A minimum of 10 responses are required before a supervisor can view comments from their team (i.e., direct reports). The number of comments or commenters is not important, just the number of respondents and whether they left comments or not.
    Confidentiality Thresholds
    If the minimum response thresholds above aren't met, responses for a supervisor's direct reports will be collected within the next highest grouping. For example, if your supervisor has three direct reports, they will never see your team's responses alone, they will be rolled up into the responses for your supervisor's supervisor. 

    Read more about confidentiality thresholds by Glint (PDF)

    Confidentiality FAQs
    Q:  What about supervisors who don't have enough respondents to receive their own report?

    A:  Managers who had fewer than five employees participate, will not have a results report and will not receive a link to the Glint dashboard.

    Read more confidentiality FAQs provided by Glint (PDF)

icon of a brain People Science Behind the Survey:

  • A Modern Approach to Measuring Engagement (PDF)
    It's a lengthy read, but explains the reasons why this survey is so brief (hint: long surveys don't produce a good user experience) and why this survey produces reliable, actionable data
  • Propelling Action through Conversations (PDF)
    Taking action after the survey is critical and this guide can supervisors address issues and make positive incremental changes.

icon of a calendar Survey Timeline:

timeline for uc davis staff experience survey

icon of two people partnership Survey Partner:

glint by linkedin logoWe’ve partnered with Glint to administer the survey and ensure confidentiality. Email invitations and reminders will come from Glint.

icon of an envelope Contact:

For questions or more information: support@glintinc.com

Survey Comparison

The Staff Experience Survey is unlike any other at UC Davis.
  Population Frequency Data
Staff Experience Survey All staff Davis Campus Annually (Oct.) Actionable data provided to managers/supervisors
UC Davis Health Engagement Survey All employees at Health Pulse survey Oct. 12
Annually (April)
Actionable data provided to managers/supervisors
CUCSA Staff Engagement Survey Sample of 
staff at Davis Campus
Bi-Annually (April/May)  Data presented in aggregate across all UC Davis
FOA Customer Satisfaction Survey All employees served by 
FOA and some other administrative/research units.
Annually (Feb.) Actionable data provided 
to departments