Workplace Flexibility

Workplace Flexibility is a crucial driver of employee well-being and performance.

At UC Davis, it is managed through Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA). They help to reduce turnover, lower absenteeism and increase job satisfaction. FWA promotes diversity and inclusion, cross-training, and have a positive impact on workplace culture, morale and employee recruitment, engagement and retention. 

Flexible Work Arrangements supports three campus initiatives: Principles of CommunitySustainability and Wellness.  

Flexible Work Arrangement Options

  • Compressed Workweek: an arrangement which condenses one or more standard workweeks into fewer, longer days.
  • Flextime: an arrangement that allows an employee to alter the starting and/or end time of their workday, or the days they work each week. Employees still work the same number of scheduled hours as they would under a traditional schedule.
  • Remote Work: an arrangement in which an employee regularly performs work at a remote worksite (such as home, library or business center) for a specified portion of the workweek.


Document Remote Work Plans

Either the employee or supervisor may initiate a flexible work arrangements