Congratulations - you have taken an important step in your career management by exploring this UC Davis Career Management Toolkit. Investing in your career contributes to our culture of organizational excellence at UC Davis, one where staff professional development is integral to the success of the university. Part of what makes UC Davis a great place to work is the opportunity for continuous learning. The UC Davis Career Management Toolkit is designed around the career management cycle which includes learning about yourself (assessments), career exploration (strategies, job search, informational interviewing, mentoring), planning your next steps (goal setting, individual development plans), taking action (accomplishment statements, resumes, references, cover letters, interviews)and evaluating your progress.

In addition to the UC Davis Career Management Toolkit, we also encourage you to become familiar with the UC Davis Career Compass Initiative which consists of job standards, performance management and career development. Whether you are on a specific career path or considering new options, we hope that the UC Davis Career Management Toolkit inspires you to develop your talents and engage them at UC Davis. The best person to manage your career is you!