Compensation Forms




All Clinical Operations Forms Provided through the UC Davis Health Intranet UC Davis Health
Classification Review Request Complete to request a classification review. 
Submit to: Compensation Department - Compensation Analyst
UC Davis Health
Equity Increase Request This form may be used for any internal department or division approval processes.
A formal request to Compensation Services must be submitted via PeopleAdmin at
UC Davis Health
MSP Position Description - UC Davis Health The official outline to support hiring departments in writing a new position description for managers and senior professionals at UC Davis Health.
Submit to: Recruitment
UC Davis Health
Position Description - How to Write
This form is for Managers, Supervisors & their administrative staff and gives specific directions for completing a position description form and explains details of the approval process when recruiting or modifying.
UC Davis Health
Position Description Form The official outline for writing a new position description.
Submit to: Compensation/Classification
UC Davis Health
Position Not Covered by Social Security 
Fill out this form to notify an employee who is not covered by Social Security about the potential effects on future benefits.
Submit to: UCOP
UC Davis / UC Davis Health
STAR Plan Nomination Form
Managers and Supervisors can complete this form to nominate someone for the Star Recognition program.
Submit to: Executive Director, then to Vice Chancellor
UC Davis
Stipend Request Complete to request a stipend. 
Submit to: Compensation/Classification
UC Davis Health
Years of Service Awards Checklist
Each department honors its own employees with years of service awards, this checklist provides Managers and Supervisors with easy to read instructions.
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