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Robert Wachter, B.T, M.S., MBA, is a registered Professional Engineer and Environmental Manager, a Certified Safety Professional and has three 2-year safety certificates from the UC Extension program. Mr. Wachter brings over 40 years’ experience in developing effective safety programs and practices to UC Davis. This includes setting up sustainable Safety Management Systems (i.e. obtaining ISO certification), establishing real-world detailed and regulatory agency compliant safety programs, creating and implementing ‘best practices’ for injury prevention, developing and delivering effective and relevant safety training, conducting detailed incident investigations for identifying direct, contributory and root cause of incidents, and thereafter creating and rolling out effective programs to prevent future employee injuries as well as reduce Workers Compensation (WC) costs. Mr. Wachter’s past experience was as an EHS consultant for over 200 industries covering a broad spectrum of manufacturing processes and injury prevention challenges, as a research and air emissions test engineer for a major chemical company, as a Corporate EHS auditor and EHS Facility manager for a large Fortune 100 manufacturing company, and in a safety consulting capacity to the steel and petro-chemical industry. Mr. Wachter is employed presently as an Injury Prevention Specialist for the last 6 years at UC Davis with a YTD record of 5 years of continuing employee injury and WC cost reductions.