Student Affairs Officer (SAO) Competencies

A competency model is a description of key competencies required for outstanding performance in a given job or category of jobs. It consists of a set of competencies that have been selected through a detailed research process that demonstrates their importance for success on the job.

At UC Davis, the following six competencies have been defined for SAO positions:

Student Advising

Advises and guides students toward completion of a degree program, academic achievement, opportunities for future development and career options

Interpersonal Communication

Uses communication skills to actively listen, give helpful feedback and provide useful information; carefully chooses tone and delivery in conveying information; uses appropriate media; is aware of impact on others

Service Orientation

Has desire, patience and energy to work with students and guide them through their academic careers

Diversity Commitment

Works with and serves a diverse community of students, faculty, colleagues and parents

Program Administration

Coordinates administrative, fiscal and program responsibilities in a way that provides a solid foundation from which to make decisions

Self Management

Has a level of self-knowledge that supports a balanced, disciplined approach to work