Preparing for Your New Employee's Arrival: Work Environment

Make sure your new employee’s work area is set up before the first day.  First impressions count, so providing your new employee with a work area that is in “move-in” condition matters.  You may want to include a welcome packet of information about your department, UC Davis and the local area.


  • Determine designated space (e.g., locker, workbench, cubicle, office)
  • Organize and clean designated space
  • Make arrangements for furniture (e.g., chair, stool, desk, file cabinet)
  • Order name plate
  • Make sure supplies and equipment are available
  • Arrange for keys or other means of access to the designated space (e.g., building, lab, office, locker room)

Computer and computing access

  • Arrange for computer access and accounts (e.g., hardware, software applications, e-mail, network connectivity, shared folders, online time reporting system)
  • Add new employee’s name and contact information to shared directories, distribution lists and e-mail/calendaring systems

Voice Communications

  • Set up telephone services (e.g., equipment, features, voicemail)
  • Arrange for mobile devices (e.g., cell phone, pager, radio)


  • Order name badge
  • Order business cards
  • Address clothing and equipment requirements
  • Label mailbox
  • Update phone lists, department directories, organizational charts
    • Provide copies for new employee
  • Preparations that are nice to do (e.g., Provide a sign welcoming your new employee to the team. Bring flowers or a plant to make the work area more inviting.)

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UC Davis Onboarding Toolkit Supervisor's Guide