Preparing for Your New Employee's Arrival: Communication

Something as simple as a two-minute phone call or a note in the mail can go a long way toward making your new employee feel valued and excited to begin working in your department. Ensure that the connection you build with your new employee is strong from the start.

  • Confirm your new employee’s acceptance of the position. Consider sending an appointment letter regarding the specifics of the employee’s job including position description, salary, reporting relationship, collective bargaining contract (if position is represented) and start date.
  • Ensure that you know what paperwork is required and with whom the new employee will meet to complete it (e.g., Shared Service Center, payroll coordinator, departmental benefits assistant).
  • Stay in regular communication with your new employee via email or phone during the period between the acceptance and the start date regarding applicable conditions of employment:
  • Acquaint your new employee with your department and UC Davis. Include information about:
  • Provide critical first-day information:
    • When to arrive (date and time)
    • Where to park
    • Where to report
    • What to wear (e.g., uniform, lab attire, hard-toe shoes)
    • What documents to bring to complete Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 (e.g., photo ID, Social Security card, passport, visa)
    • What the schedule will be
    • What the lunch options are
    • Information that is nice to know (e.g., there is a coffee club; recycling is valued; the building is always cold)

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