Getting Off to a Good Start: Orientation

  • Be sure your new employee completes the New Employee Orientation e-course and registers to attend the in-person Employee Benefits Orientation
  • Address whatever questions arise from orientation
  • Consider any other orientation program that is specific to your new employee’s position
  • Set up a brief meeting with the employee and buddy to talk about the first week’s activities
  • Introduce the university and campus missions and values
  • Review department and division organizational charts.  Discuss how they relate to the overall campus structure
  • Describe the work environment and culture of your department
  • (e.g., teams, working alone, supervising others)
  • Discuss the campus Principles of Community
  • Mention the Diversity Calendar published by Student Housing
  • Review the schedule of staff meetings or other standing activities

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UC Davis Onboarding Toolkit Supervisor's Guide