UC Davis Manager Toolkit


Managers and supervisors are critical to UC Davis. This toolkit provides resources for recruitment and selection. onboarding and ongoing performance management.

Recruitment and Selection Courses

It all begins with making a successful hire. Below are resources to prepare for a successful recruitment.


Onboarding begins at the time of hire and ideally continues through the first year of employment. It enables you to bring newly-hired employees up to speed with the policies, processes, culture, expectations, and day-to-day responsibilities of your department.

Discussion Guides

Performance management is an ongoing process; regular communication with your employees is key. The discussion guides below are tools that may help you frame your discussions.

Individual Development Plan (IDP) Instructions and Form

The IDP is a tool to help an employee organize and track professional development. IDPs provide a guide to align goals with specific knowledge, skills, or competencies.

UC Learning Center (a.k.a. LMS)

The UC Learning Center, is the Learning Management System (LMS) for University of California employees. At UC Davis it contains thousands of classroom-based and e-learning courses as well as other resources. Managers can use the LMS to assign training to their employees, monitor training assignment status, vew transcripts, identify recommended trainings for employee development and more. The guides below offer instructions for using the LMS for your own training (Learner Guide) and for managing the training of your employees (Manager Guide).

Performance Management Courses

There are many resources available to learn more about performance management. The list below is a sampling of key instructor-led classes and e-learning.

WorkLife and Wellness

Managers and supervisors play a significant role in employee well-being and engagement. There are many campus and systemwide programs, resources and policies to support worklife integration.