Administrative Officer Functional Assessment

In addition to the competencies that have been identified as key to the success of an administrative officer, there are a range of day-to-day functions that are part of an UC Davis administrative officer's role. Whether you are performing the functions or overseeing their performance, knowledge of these functions is a key component of effective performance.

Download the UC Davis Administrative Officer functional self-assessment below to see key functional areas that have been identified, and determine your level of knowledge in each of these areas:

Functional Self-Assessmentpdf


There are a variety of ways to gain knowledge in the various functional areas. Participating in instructor-led courses and e-learning is one place to start. Below are some suggested courses that may be of value.  Please log into the UC Learning Center and search for the title of the class you are interested in completing.

Financial Management (General)

  • Accountability, Ethics and Internal Controls
  • Budget Concepts: A Campus Overview
  • Kuali Financial System (KFS) 101
  • Kuali Financial System (KFS): Accounts Payable
  • Kuali Financial System (KFS): Capital Asset Management System
  • Kuali Financial System (KFS): Chart of Accounts
  • Kuali Financial System (KFS): Financial Transactions
  • Kuali Financial System (KFS): Purchasing
  • Managing Self-Supporting Activities
  • Pre-Purchasing Administrative Training
  • Self-Supoprting Activities: Advanced Topics
  • Self-Supporting Activities: Getting Started
  • Travel and Entertainment Reporting

Financial Management (Health System-specific)

  • Eclipsys Functions and Use (UCDHS)
  • EPSi Budget Manager Training (UCDHS)
  • EPSi Principles of Management Reporting (UCDHS)
  • Introduction to Decision Line Training (UCDHS)
  • Understanding Action OI Benchmarking Reports (UCDHS)

Human Resources

  • Aggie Job Link Employer Tutorial
  • Communicating Goals and Expectations
  • Corrective Action and the Grievance Process for Supervisors (UCDHS)
  • Disability Management for Supervisors
  • Diversity Awareness for New Supervisors
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • Employment Law and Liability
  • Employee Selection and Interviewing Techniques (UCDHS)
  • Employee Selection Review (UCDHS)
  • Hiring International Scholars Using an H-1B Visa
  • Hiring International Scholars using a J-1 Visa
  • Intercultural Selection Processes
  • Interactive Process and Reasonable Accommodation for Supervisors (UCDHS)
  • Labor Principles in Public Employment (UCDHS)
  • Leading and Managing in a Multicultural Community
  • Navigating Personnel Policies
  • Preventing Employment Lawsuits (UCDHS)
  • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination: Advanced Topics
  • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination: Prevention for Supervisors
  • Supervising in a Union Environment
  • Understanding Federal Work-Study and Student Employee Policies
  • Understanding the Workers' Compensation Process (UCDHS)

Academic Affairs

  • Academic Personnel Administration: Academic Appointments
  • Academic Personnel Administration: Academic Titles
  • Academic Personnel Administration: Advanced Topics
  • Academic Personnel Administration: Advancement
  • Academic Personnel Administration: Compensation
  • Academic Personnel Administration: Leaves
  • Academic Personnel Administration: Overview
  • Academic Personnel Administration: Recruitment and Retention
  • Academic Personnel Administration: Unit 18 and other Represented Academic Employees\
  • Working Effectively with Faculty

Instructional Support and Student Affairs

  • ACE Configuration Training for Staff
  • Banner: Forms and Navigation
  • Banner: PTA Online
  • Banner: Rosters on the Web
  • Case Studies in Student Advising
  • College Student Development for Advisors
  • Communication Strategies for Student Advisors
  • Culturally Respectful Training
  • FERPA: Student Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security
  • Foundations for Understanding International Students
  • Fundamentals of Student Advising
  • ICMS Curriculum Training
  • Obtaining Permanent Residence for International Scholars
  • Schedule Builder: Impersonator Training
  • Student Advising Certificate Series (series)
  • Student Conduct and Campus Security

Information Technology Management

  • Essentials of Managing Technical Professionals (series)
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL): Foundations (series)
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL): Operaional Support and Analysis (series)
  • IT Project Management Essentials (series)
  • IT Strategy Essentials (series)

Research and Extramural Fund Administration

  • A-21 Costing Principles
  • Copyrights at UC Davis
  • Cost Sharing and Effort Commitments
  • Decision Support Reports for Research Administration
  • Extramural Financial Closeouts
  • Gifts Processing
  • Indirect Costing
  • Intellectual Property at UC Davis
  • Processing Gifts On-Line
  • Proposal Preparation and Submission
  • Research Administration Certificate Series (series)
  • Understanding the Awards Process
  • Writing a Proposal Budget: Concepts
  • Writing a Proposal Budget: Lab

Facilities and Space Planning

Health, Safety and Risk Management

  • Employment Law and Liability
  • How to Survive an Audit
  • Safety Leadership for Supervisors
  • UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals

Patient Care/Hospital Administration

  • Mandatory Annual Training (UCDHS)
  • Privacy and Security (UCDHS)