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Founded as the "University Farm" amid the fertile fields of the state's Central Valley, UC Davis has emerged an acknowledged international leader in agricultural, biological, biotechnological and environmental sciences. UC Davis is gaining similar recognition for excellence in the arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, health sciences, law and management.

A significant contributor to the quality of the UC Davis work experience is the surrounding City of Davis. Ecologically aware and socially innovative, Davis has a small-town friendliness and spirit of volunteerism that distinguishes it from cities of similar size. The quality of life is reflected in many well-known symbols: energy conservation, greenbelts, bike paths, British double-decker buses, and of course, bicycles.


Courses and information on retirement, saving for retirement, and tax savings


Learning is an integral part of working at UC Davis and is strongly supported at all levels in our organization. Your professional development is an investment in our shared future. Take advantage of the multitude of continuous learning opportunities by participating in campus-sponsored programs such as Staff Development & Professional Services (SD&PS), as well as through other education and development programs in the UC Davis community which promote excellence through learning.

  • Staff Development: Online calendar of Staff Development & Professional Services (SD&PS) courses.
  • Safety Services: Safety Services classes cover Animal care, biological, chemical and radiological safety, ergonomics and more.
  • Benefits Orientation: Online calendar of Benefits presentations
  • UC Davis Extension: The professional and continuing education branch of UC Davis offering hundreds of courses each quarter in more than 75 different subjects. Staff and faculty are eligible for a 20-50% discount.
  • Diversity Education: These courses are designed to enhance communication effectiveness in the area of Diversity.
  • Experimental College: Home page of ASUCD Experimental College

Staff Support

Programs providing support or resources to UC Davis staff

Supervisory Support

Useful documents and toolkits for employees and supervisors

Event Calendars

Online calendars for UC Davis events

  • Academic Calendar: This calendar provides the schedule of business activities for the campus
  • Campus Events: Calendar of annual events for UC Davis Visitor Services
  • City of Davis: Community calendar of the Davis Community Network in the City of Davis
  • Dateline Events: Events and seminars listed in the online edition of Dateline UC Davis
  • Mondavi Center Presents: Preview of the coming season of events
  • TechNews: Information Technology calendar of campus technology events

Annual Events

The annual Soaring to New Heights event in March celebrates diversity and recognizes the achievements of those who have made outstanding contributions to the campus community. Sponsored by the Staff Diversity Administrative Advisory Committee (SDAAC) as a collaboration of multi-cultural, constituency and special interest groups from UC Davis and the UCD Health Systems, Soaring to New Heights includes an international buffet lunch and live entertainment.

The campus hosts the annual Disability Awareness Week in April. The program addresses the successful integration of individuals with disabilities into the workplace. Events offer participants the opportunity to view abilities by focusing on the accomplishments of persons with disabilities.

National "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work" Day is celebrated in April when employers nationwide host at their workplaces, nine-to-twelve-year-old girls and boys. At UC Davis, employees are encouraged to bring their children (or "children for a day") to campus. Colleges, divisions and departments are asked to respond positively to requests from campus staff and faculty for tours, demonstrations, job shadowing and other events for children visiting the campus that day. In addition, some departments organize activities for the children of their employees.

Tens of thousands of people come to UC Davis in April for its annual Picnic Day which begins with opening ceremonies followed by a traditional parade through the campus and downtown Davis. Picnic Day also features musical entertainment, dancing, departmental exhibits, sporting events, campus tours, a student organization fair and animal exhibitions.

The Whole Earth Festival, occurring every Mother's Day weekend in May, is an alternative educational event which promotes lifestyles and practices that are in harmony with all life on this planet.

  • Diversity Calendar: Student Housing provides this calendar
  • Soaring to New Heights: Celebrate diversity and recognize the achievements of individuals in the campus community
  • Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work: UC Davis joins employers nationwide in supporting visits by 9-12 year old sons and daughters to the workplace
  • Picnic Day: Picnic Day may be the largest student-run event of its kind in the United States
  • Whole Earth Festival: The Whole Earth Festival is an alternative educational event sponsored by ASUCD and which promotes lifestyles and practices that are in harmony with all life on this planet
  • TGFS Event: Celebrate Staff at the annual event on the 2nd Wednesday of May
  • Cultural Days: Asian Pacific Culture Week, Black Family Week, La Raza Culture Days, Mixed Heritage Week, Native American Culture Days and Powwow

Outside of Davis

Online calendars for UC Davis events

  • Sacramento: Here is a useful resource for activities and services in the Sacramento area
  • Yolo County: Find out what is happening in Yolo County
  • San Francisco: San Francisco visitor information and vacation guide