UC Davis Administrative Terms

99 Staff employees who are not represented by a union
AAALAC Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
AC4 Academic Computing Coordinating Council
Academic Federation Federation of academic employees other than those in ladder-rank titles
Academic Senate Represents the faculty in the shared governance of the University of California.
Ad3C Administrative Computing Coordinating Council
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AFSCME American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the union that represents SX and EX employees
AFT American Federation of Teachers, the union that represents IX and LX employees
Amex BTA American Express Business Travel Agreement
AP Academic Personnel (or Accounts Payable)
APM Academic Personnel Manual, contains OP policies and UCD procedures that cover academic employees
ASE Academic Student Employee (e.g. Teaching Assistant)
ASUCD Associated Students of UC Davis (student government)
BFB Business & Finance Bulletins, OP manual, contains standards and limitations which UCD policies must follow
BOI Business Officer Institute – a systemwide training program for those who have broad responsibility for administrative or fiscal functions
BX Academic student employee bargaining unit, represented UAW
CAMS Capital Asset Management System
C&G Contracts & Grants
CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (union contract)
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CNA California Nurses Association, the union that represents NX employees
CODVC Council of Deans and Vice Chancellors (at UCD)
Complaint Claim filed by an employee that a provision of a personnel policy was violated
Corporate card Travel card (Visa)
COVC Council of Vice Chancellors (at UCD)
CTS Central Travel System (US Bank)
CUE Coalition of University Employees, the union that represents CX employees
CX Clerical bargaining unit, represented CUE.
DA Delegations of Authority, a system of assigning authority to grant exceptions to policies, or take other actions that are not covered by published policy manuals
DaFIS Davis Financial Information System – the campus on-line accounting system
DC Direct Charge
DDDCAO Deans, Directors, Department Chairs and Administrative Officers (Campus Directive)
Department Abbreviations A full list of acceptable department abbreviations is printed in the Campus Telephone Directory
DHHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
DOE (or Ed) U.S. Department of Education
DPO Departmental Purchase Order
DRO Departmental Repair Order
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEV Entertainment Expense Voucher
EIR Environmental Impact Report
EPAR Employee Performance Appraisal Report (performance evaluation)
EX Patient care technical bargaining unit, represented by AFSCME. (Sometimes called PCT)
F&A Facilities & Administrative (cost agreement with government)
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act (minimum wage and overtime)
FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act (leave of absence)
FUPOA Federated University Police Officers Association, the union that represents police officers
Grievance Employee’s claim that a union contract provision was violated
GSA Graduate Student Association
HX Health care professionals, represented by UPTE
ICR Indirect Cost Recovery
IACUC Institutional Animal Care Use Council
IB Interdepartmental Bill
ICR Indirect Cost Recovery /td>
IRB Institutional Review Board
IX Non-senate instructional bargaining unit, represented by AFT union
Job Machine On-line job application/vacancy posting system (staff positions)
LX Librarian bargaining unit, represented by AFT
M&IE Meal & Incidental Expense
MOU /td> Memorandum of Understanding (union contract)
MSAP Management Skills Assessment Program – a UC systemwide program offering participants insights into their management competencies and potential
MSO Management Services Officer – chief business officer (usually of an academic department)
MSP Manager and Senior Professional -- higher-level position with reduced security of employment under Personnel Policies for Staff Members
NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association
NEO New Employee Orientation – a program offered by Staff Development & Professional Services
NIH National Institutes of Health, a division of DHHS
NOC Network Operations Center /td>
NSF National Science Foundation (or Not Sufficient Funds)
NX Registered nurse bargaining unit, represented by CNA
OGC Office of General Counsel (systemwide office)
OMB Office of Management and Budget (federal government)
OP University of California Office of the President ( also UCOP)
OPTRS On-line Payroll Time Reporting System – the computer system for reporting staff employee time for payroll purposes
ORU Organized Research Unit
PAN Post Authorization Notice – an e-mail notice alerting administrative unit or approval authority about changes of employee status in PPS
PAR Personnel Activity Report
PD Position Description (a form)
PHS Public Health Service
PI Principal Investigator
PIE Period of Initial Eligibility (for benefits enrollment)
PO Purchase Order
PPM (or P&PM or P&P) UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual, contains administrative policies on a wide variety of topics
PPS Payroll Personnel System – a computer database
PPSM Personnel Policies for Staff Members, contains OP policies and UCD procedures that cover non-represented staff employees
PR Purchase Requisition
PSS Professional and Support Staff. Position with full security of employment under Personnel Policies for Staff Members
Purchasing Card or P-card Credit card for departmental use (Mastercard)
RX Research bargaining unit, represented by UPTE
Senior Advisors Campus group; members appointed by deans and vice chancellors to address staff workload, compensation concerns
SCC Statement of Cash Collections
SMG Senior Manager Group - highest-level positions (Chancellor and Vice Chancellors) in Personnel Policies for Staff Members
SRA Staff Research Associate
SRM Sponsored Research Manual
Staff Assembly An organization which promotes the interests of staff at Davis.  It is not a labor union
STIP Short term investment pool
SUREPAY Statement of direct deposit to an employee’s bank account
SX Service bargaining unit, represented by AFSCME
Systemwide Office of the President of the University of California
TEV Travel Expense Voucher
TX Technical bargaining unit, represented by UPTE
UAW United Auto Workers, the union that represents BX employees
UCDHS UC Davis Health System (the School of Medicine, Medical Center, and Primary Care Network)
UCDMC UC Davis Medical Center (in Sacramento)
UCOP University of California Office of the President (also OP), located in Oakland
UCRP (UCRS) University of California Retirement Program (System)
UPTE-CWA University Professional and Technical Employees, the union that represents TX, RX, and HX employees
VI Vendor Invoice

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