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Navigate your way through our wonderful, yet complex campus, whether you want to determine your best mode of transportation, search for library information or on-line glossaries, or peruse calendars of events. Tour the Campus and find the famous Arneson Egg Head outdoor sculptures; get around town with a ride on a vintage double-decker bus straight from London; make your technological connections with a campus e-mail account; search and find any UC telephone number or web site; explore the wonders of one of the campus libraries; browse calendars to attend fabulous music concerts; or pick up a paper and find out why UC Davis is in the news.

Virtual Tour


No matter where you're going, it's easy to get around Davis. UC Davis runs North America's largest student owned and operated transit system, Unitrans, providing 13 routes daily to students and residents of Davis. The Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) division offers a variety of transportation choices whether you want to register your bicycle for the campus commute or hop a shuttle to UC Davis Medical Center or UC Berkeley.

  • Parking: UC Davis Parking Services Program
  • TAPS: Transportation and Parking Services
  • UCDMC Shuttle: Shuttle service between UC Davis main campus and UCDMC
  • UC Berkeley Bus: Shuttle service between UC Davis main campus and UC Berkeley
  • Bikes: Welcome to the UC Davis Bicycle Program
  • Unitrans: The student run and operated bus service for UC Davis and The City of Davis

Tech Connections

  • IT Home: Information Technology Home Page
  • IT Express: Useful campus computing resources
  • Computing Account Services: Create a computing account, add email, MyUCDavis or other services, change your password.
  • TSP Program: A distributed technology support program for UC Davis
  • Employee ID: The Employee ID cards is the first step in the campus effort to install a multi-function card
  • Computer Security: Find information about UC Davis campus security

Find Things


Event Calendars

  • Academic Calendar: This calendar provides the schedule of business activities for the campus
  • Campus Events: Calendar of annual events for UC Davis Visitor Services
  • City of Davis: Community calendar of the Davis Community Network in the City of Davis
  • Dateline Events: Events and seminars listed in the online edition of Dateline UC Davis

In the News