Community Engagement



Starting a new job in an organization as large and complex as UC Davis can be challenging! On- and off-campus you will find opportunities to develop lasting friendships, meet new people, contribute to community, nurture your creativity, learn about committee work and benefit from the wisdom of those who have been here longer. You can match your interests, skill and passion with meaningful service while connecting with kindred spirits in the campus community.


Committee service is an excellent vehicle for matching your interests and passions with others in an effort to launch new campus initiatives or address issues that impact all of us. A vast array of committee service opportunities exists on campus including UC Davis Administrative Advisory Committees, Staff Assembly, various Interest Groups and committees within your own department.

  • Staff Assembly: Composed of all non-academic career staff employees of the University of California, Davis
  • Interest Groups: Campus Constituent and Interest Groups
  • ADMAN: Administrative Management Group
  • ABOG: The UC Academic Business Officers Group holds an annual ABOG conference


Whether your interests lie in the preservation of natural habitat, youth, gardening, supporting the performing arts or joining the network of volunteers who care for oiled wildlife, you have many opportunities to contribute to UC Davis' mission of public service through volunteering.

The Mondavi Center Presenting Program has an ushers program at 754-5238.

Kinship Through Sharing

Sometimes our passions and talents lie outside the traditional work setting. A unique benefit of working at UC Davis is the array of available cultural events, recreational activities and sporting events and learning opportunities. You can indulge your love of music, theatre, dance, poetry, film, recreation, sports or art while simultaneously meeting new people, making new friends and sustaining your own creative spirit. Join others at an interest of your choice - you can even usher events through the House Staff Program at 757-3199.

  • Craft Center: The Craft Center has classes all year, in many areas and at many levels
  • Campus Recreation: Recreational opportunities at UC Davis for people of all ages
  • Mondavi Center Events: Mondavi Center presents performing arts events throughout the year