Career Staff Development Fee Assistance

All career staff employees, with a minimum of one year of service, who wish to take courses supporting their individual UC career plans may apply to the Career Staff Development Fee Assistance Program. The funds for this program are specifically for training that will assist the employee in obtaining his/her career goals with the UCD Campus. Training that primarily benefits the employee's present job is considered position-related and will not be funded through this program.

Applications for financial assistance may be submitted for enrollment in career-related courses offered by colleges, universities, or other training institutions such as UC Davis Extension. Courses offered by outside institutions that duplicate those available through campus Staff Development and Professional Services or through UC Davis Extension may not be approved.

Note: Due to budgetary constraints, funds are not available to pay for conferences, professional meetings, or professional continuing education process. Approved applications are subject to availability of funds.

Funds are available to cover actual course/registration fees only; funds are not available for books, travel, parking, etc. Up to $600 may be awarded in a fiscal year (July through June); however a maximum of $300 is given per applicant request. An employee may not receive more than $1500 for an individual degree or certificate program.

In order to be eligible for funding, the courses in which the employee wishes to take must meet the following criteria:

  1. The courses must assist career employees to gain skills and the ability to compete for positions, especially positions that are underrepresented in the workforce at UC Davis.
  2. The courses must relate to the employee's career goals at UC Davis.
  3. The courses must lead to a degree or certificate program.

Completed applications will be accepted either two months prior to the start of the course (with accompanying registration receipt) and up to two months following the completion of the course (with registration receipt AND transcripts).