Cyber Security

U-Learn is a catalog of on-line learning available to all UC Davis employees. Click Start Course to launch the course in the UC Learning Center (UCD Login required).

UC Cyber Security Training
UC Cyber Security Awareness Training This Cyber Security Awareness training provides information on threats facing the University and what each of us can to do mitigate them. This course is video-based and has audio. If your computer does not have speakers, you can click the closed captioning icon in the video player controls to turn on subtitles. Start Course
Estimated Duration: 50:00
Other Security Training available
Learning Management System
FERPA: Student Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security On-line introduction to FERPA and Student Privacy. 
Required for all new Banner users.
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Estimated Duration: 39:00
UCDHS: Privacy and Security Training  Privacy state laws as well as the updates to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require us to ensure our work force understand the importance of and consequences for not complying to these laws.  Both UCDHS and you, the employee, potentially can be fined for breaches of patient medical information.  This education will help you understand your responsibility and roles with regard to privacy and security. Start Course
Estimated Duration: 60:00
Credit Card Online Training Credit card training for UC Davis merchants who process Credit Card transactions on behalf of UC Davis. Start Course
Estimated Duration: 15:00
Traveling out of the Country with Technology A webinar regarding traveling out of the country with technology. Start Webinar
Estimated Duration: 47:00