Assessment in Academic Advising

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Course Description

What do UC Davis students learn as a result of academic advising? How do we know? What are your unit/department goals for student learning and how do they align with college and campus goals? How do we gather and analyze evidence of student learning? How do we use the results of our inquiry to inform change? How do we do all of the above without creating additional work for advisors? 

This workshop offers an opportunity for academic advisors to engage with these questions (and more) in order to build individual and collective capacity to develop and implement sustainable practices for academic advising learning outcomes assessment at UC Davis. Grounded in the principles of adult and active learning, this session will engage participants with a mix of "lightning presentations," small- and large-group interaction, and learner-centered activities. 

As a result of active engagement in the workshop, participants will leave with:

  • Increased understanding of academic advising assessment;
  • Understanding of the vital alignment between department and college advising activities and campus vision for student-centered academic advising;
  • Concrete ideas for how to assess student learning in the context of academic advising. 

No prior experience with assessment is required; curiosity is. 


Kara Moloney

Date | Time | Location

April 4, 2018
136 Hoagland

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