Writing a Proposal Budget: Lab

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Writing a Proposal Budget: Concepts OR completion of in-person Writing a Proposal Budget course. Participants who have not filled the prerequisite by the date noted for each class will be cancelled from the course.

Course Description

In this session, attendees will apply the knowledge they obtained in the online class “Writing a Proposal Budget: Concepts”. Attendees will use case studies, sample forms, and group discussion to learn how to successfully complete a proposal budget. Applied activities include topics such as determining budget categories, determining appropriate F&A rate, applying and calculating the correct F&A rate, creating a budget justification, and more!


Alyssa Bunn
Marlene Mooshian
Kelly Musselman
Kassie Obelleiro

Date | Time | Location

January 18, 2018
136 Hoagland

March 21, 2018
136 Hoagland

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