UC Managing Corrective Action

Course Description

Managing Corrective Action is the eighth course in the eight-part UC Performance Management Series. 

In this course, you will learn to:

  •  Identify local subject matter experts to guide and direct you in the process of managing corrective action
  • Identify critical information needed before taking corrective action
  • Identify where managing corrective action fits into the UC People Management Competencies and Performance Management Cycle
  • Define corrective action
  • Identify the two types of circumstances that give rise to corrective action
  • Describe the model for progressive corrective action
  • Identify guiding principles of supervisor behavior with regard to corrective action
  • Utilize the Seven Tests of Just Cause as a framework of corrective action Identify different types of disciplinary action and ways to determine which ones are appropriate
  • Conduct an effective investigation to determine if disciplinary action is warranted
Estimated Duration:

35 minutes plus time to complete Playbook exercises

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