Hiring International Scholars Using the H1-B Visa, Part 2

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Course Description

This course is intended for staff who work in academic departments or research units that hire international faculty and researchers, and who have already taken Hiring International Scholars Usint the H-1B Visa, Part 1. Participants will focus on special problems in hiring non-U.S. citizens using H-1B visas. Topics covered includ the comparative benefits and restrictions of the H-1B (including using the alternatives of the O, TN, E-3 or H-1B1), facilitating international travel, change of employer, part-time employment issues, and union notification. This course will help participants, departments and international scholars avoid common pitfalls. and would like to know more about the process of filing for an H-1B visa. Participants will learn about U.S. immigration regulations and campus policy that govern hiring scholars using the H-1B visa status, and how they can work with the staff at Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) to facilitate the international hire. Topics covered include determining if an H-1B is the right visa category, the department's role in obtaining a new H-1B visa or extending an employee's H-1B visa or status, and how to help international scholars in this process. By the end of the course, participants will have reviewed:

  • The comparative benefits of the H-1B visa category
  • The most important restrictions and limitations of the H-1B visa
  • Special issues related to travel and employment
  • The paperwork needed, with hands-on practice addressing special issues in completing SISS forms used in the process of filing an H-1B petition

Date | Time | Location

December 7, 2017
Hamilton Classroom, Heitman Staff Learning Center

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