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With the move to GREAT, schools and units will designate some users as Creators and/or Submitters of gifts in GREAT; while some users will have view only permissions, and be able to see entries and images in GREAT. Others users, Account Managers, will have the ability to view entries made in GREAT once the entries have made it to the Processing state. At this point, the entry will appear in Advance and Decision Support.

Participants of this will get a brief overview of the new process using GREAT, learn how to search for entries, and understand the different statuses in the system. Participants will also learn how to read the gift details screen, view images attached to gifts, review the financial details of entries, and see the history and money movement of each entry.

Users can use the tracking numbers in either GREAT or Decision Support to see where the money associated with an entry is during process and how/where money has been deposited. Once a unit is using GREAT, the CR doc will no longer be used, receipts will be sent by Advancement Services and the school or unit will be responsible for sending stewardship pieces to the donors.

Who should attend: Participants in the training should be those development staff who want/need the ability to view entries and images in GREAT or who have been designated Account Managers and will need access to see how/where money movement has occurred on a gift. Users will need to complete the Advancement Services security training video, while the Account Managers should also have access to Decision Support.

The video and acknowledgement form can be found at: as part of the online registration.


Christopher Frymire
Mark Welsh

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