Enrollment Policies and Procedures

  • Enrollment in all Staff Development & Professional Services courses is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If a course is filled, you will be placed on a waiting list for the requested session and notified of your waiting list status. At that time you may choose to remain on the waiting list or enroll into the next available session. If you are on the "waiting list" for a Staff Development & Professional Services course, please do not attempt to attend the course.
  • If you must cancel your enrollment, please do so as soon as possible by calling SD&PS at 530.752.1766 or through the UC Learning Center so the vacancy can be filled. You may not substitute another individual for your enrollment in any course. If you cancel, those on the waiting list will be contacted to fill your vacancy.
  • All classes will begin at the regularly scheduled starting time. Please make certain you know the exact location of class and, if applicable, parking lot(s).
  • Date, times and locations of courses are subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances. Every effort will be made to notify participants of changes.
Education and Development is a Partnership

Staff Development & Professional Services recommends that a dialogue about enrolling in our courses takes place between individuals and supervisors prior to enrollment. A post-enrollment notification is immediately e-mailed to the supervisor. Education and development is a partnership. It requires initiative on the part of individuals and support from supervisors and managers. Communication is essential in getting and giving support for education and development, and your role is key to its success!